We offer interpreter dispatch in a wide variety of everyday situations (administrative inquiries, education, medical care, social services, consultations, residents’ association activities, etc.), so that foreign residents may live comfortably in Shimane.

We will bridge not only language but also culture (differences in systems, etc.) and support smooth communication.

This service is free.

*Currently, the dispatch of interpreters in the medical field of Portuguese is suspended.

Timeline from request to dispatch

  1. The client requests an interpreter by filling out the request form.
  2. Once the request form has been sent, the client receives an automatic reply from tsuuyaku@sic-info.org Please confirm the request details. If you do not receive an automatic reply email, then the email address that you entered is incorrect; in this case, please contact the Shimane International Center (SIC) by email.
  3. SIC will coordinate the dispatch of community interpreter volunteers based on the content of the request.
  4. Community interpreter volunteers who have been dispatched will go to the site on the day of the event and work as an interpreter.
  5. When the interpreter is finished, the requester uses the completion report form (for the requester) and the volunteer uses the activity report form (for community interpreter volunteers).

Important points when making a request

  1. The SIC and the Community Volunteer Interpreter shall bear no responsibility for the interpretation as conducted by the volunteer and any associated affairs therein.
  2. You can make requests from this page, at least four days prior to the preferred date; if the request is less than four days, please contact us by phone. However, there may be times when an English-speaking staff member is unavailable to take your call.
  3. We are unable to provide document translations or to fill in documents on your behalf.
  4. Please do not ask the Community Volunteer Interpreter for advice or judgment regarding the content to be interpreted.
  5. In case your email system has a spam filter, please make sure that you can receive emails from sic-info.org.
  6. Information that you provide to the SIC is only used for the community volunteer interpreter dispatch. Extra information required for interpretation may be communicated to the dispatched volunteer.

Request form

*Currently, the dispatch of interpreters in the medical field of Portuguese is suspended.

Please fill up the request form below.

English form

Final Report (for the Client)

English form