In Shimane International Center, the students of Shimane Prefecture universities, who are privately-financed international students and enrolled in (high vocational school, including advanced vocational school), has a priority to grant a scholarship. Upon reference to the following, if you are interested in scholarship, please contact your university where you are enrolled. You cannot apply for scholarship from abroad. 


The following requirements corresponding to international students who are privately financed (high vocational school, fourth year or more (including major), advanced vocational schools enrolled in specialized courses) are eligible.

(1)The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act(1951 Decree No. 319) who acquired the status of residence to “Study abroad”

(2)Foreign students who lives in Shimane Prefecture and enrolled in Shimane prefecture universities, etc., who are studying for more than six months period and planning to continue for more than a year

(3)A person who needs financial assistance in study, academic performance, a person who is excellent in both academic performance

(4)Who do not receive any other scholarships or monetary benefits

(5)Those who have never received a “scholarship” of Shimane International center in the past

2.Grant amount and grant period

20,000 yen monthly will be issued for one year from the applicable fiscal year in April until March.

 3.Application accepts

Through the recommendation of universities and other institutions where you are enrolled, every year we accept application from April to May.

4.Decision of grant

The scholarships result will be decide by “International Student Scholarship Selection Committee” in June.