Searching for a Job

At Hello Work and other free employment agencies, offering job counseling and employment introduction for free. There are Hello Work offices with interpreters if you need one. Whether you can work or not your status can be confirmed with the residence card.

Employment Contracts

Be sure to sign a labor contract when you get a job and check working conditions such as salary and working hours.

Japan’s Labor Standards Act, Minimum wage law, Industrial Safety and Health Act, Workers’ accident compensation insurance law also applies to foreigners. As soon as there is a problem, please consult with the Labor Standards Inspection Office or the labor consultation counter.

Labor Insurance

All companies and business offices must enroll in Labor Insurance. Labor Insurance provides Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance, Employment Insurance, Health Insurance, & Pension insurance.

If there is a problem…

If there is trouble such as if you have unpaid wages or believe you are the victim of unfair dismissal, contact your nearest Labor Standards Supervision Office or municipal Labor Supervison Office, or Legal Support Center immediately.