Japan’s Education System

Japan’s education system basically consists of six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of senior high school, and four years of university (two years for junior college). There is kindergarten before entry into elementary school.

Compulsory education is deemed to be elementary school (6-12 years old) and junior high school (12-15 years old). There is no grade skipping or being held back during compulsory education. The school year is from April until March of the following year.

Transfers and School Entry Procedures

For public schools, please inform your municipal office or Board of Education of your desire to enroll your child into a school. For private schools, please enquire at the school directly.

At the Shimane International Center we have a system to support and assist children of foreign residents with Japanese language instruction.

Fees and Aid Systems

Class fees and text books at public elementary and junior high schools are free. School supplies, school trips and school lunches all require payment.

If you have financial reasons, you can make use of the School Attendance Aid System. Please discuss such matters with your school or Board of Education directly. The system is available at private schools too.

School Events

There are many events, such as Home Visits, where your child’s homeroom teacher will come to your house for a visit to talk about your child’s school and home life, as well as Classroom Visits where parents/guardians are able to view classes. In summer, there are also lessons at a pool as part of physical education.

Japanese Language Education

There are volunteer-run Japanese classes in each region.