Persons living in Japan, even if you are foreign residents, you are required to pay tax if they have a regular income.

For persons working at a company, these are extract from your wages automatically. For other people, payment procedures for income tax occur at tax offices while resident tax occurs at the municipal office.

If you have a ‘supporter’ within the country, you are eligible for a supporter subsidy. So, fill out your tax forms and receive a tax refund.


Formal pension is social insurance system that is savings of money you can receive in the unlikely event of becoming disabled or dying or after reaching a certain age.

There is the National Pension Plan and the Employee’s Pension Plan. People, who paid the insurance for more than six months, have submitted the change of address forms to their municipality, and apply within two years of return home, can receive the premiums back in a lump-sum payment. Please talk with a Social Insurance Office before returning to your home country.

There is also the National Pension Remittance System and the Student Payment Exemption System. It is imperative that you fill out the forms each year. Please confirm at a pension charge window.

Certificates of Tax Payment & Annual Income

When applying for an update or change to your residency status, or are applying to live in municipal housing, you will require these certificates. Please apply at your municipal office.