Transportation Facilities

Within the prefecture there are buses, trains, taxis and so on that you can use of. The purchase of tickets varies by the operating company.

Traffic Rules

Pedestrians travel on the right hand side while cars and bikes travel on the left. Pedestrians have right-of-way over cars.

Drunk-driving is strictly prohibited. Persons in the car with a drunk-driver and those that gave the driver drink (for example, a bar where the driver was drinking) also receive punishment.

Bicycle safety rules

Bicycle driver training course」 began to prevent dangerous driving of the bicycle.


If a traffic accident occurs

  1. If someone is injured, call ‘119’ And ask for an ambulance.
  2. Call ‘110’ for the police. (This is necessary to produce a traffic accident certificate).
  3. Confirm the name, address, and telephone number of the person you had the accident with.

Foreign driver’s license to Japanese driver’s license

A valid foreign driver’s license (Translation by JAF or administrative agency issuing foreign license or consular office of that country is necessary) If you prove that you stayed in the country for more than three months from the day you acquired it, you can switch to a Japanese driver’s license based on your home country’s license. Please apply to a licensing center (Matsue city / Hamada-shi) and take an exam (knowledge and skill).