A volunteer at the time when the major disaster occurs, provide support to foreigners who were affected and lives in or near Shimane Prefecture.
To be more specific, translation of disaster information, activities assumed such as providing information to foreign residents in the shelter as well as shelter patrol  and listening to affected people.

Application requirements of supporters

  • A volunteer desire to do the acivity work, when a large-scale of disaster occurs in the affected areas in and around Shimane Prefecture, etc.
  • People who have completed the training in SIC as a supporter
  • Those who can participate in the training to be held in and around Shimane Prefecture
  • Those who live and work in and around the prefecture/ those who goes to school, 18 years of age or older, (but, if under 20 years of age, need parental consent)

Registration method

“Disaster Foreign supporter registration form” Please fill in and submit to the SIC are required

Guidelines for registration, Application form >>

Supporters activity flow after disaster occur

※Depends on the scale of disaster, contents or details might change.

  1. Disaster occur !
  2. Depends on the discretion request of SIC from other organizations,  supporters such as cooperation request.
  3. Gather supporters that possible to cooperate,  launch disaster multilingual support center.
  4. Activity start


  • Due to the location of the affected area, the set up location is different of the “Disaster multilingual support center” that means support for foreign residents for the main activity is to “translate and interpret”.
  • We looked and determine the situation for the closure of disaster multilingual support center.