Health Insurance

By paying a fixed insurance premium you can receive the necessary insurance payout in the case of injury or sickness.

Health insurance is divided between employee insurance for company workers, public works, sailors and so on and National Health Insurance for the self-employed and the unemployed.

When you enter into Health Insurance you receive a health insurance card. If you are a regular insured person when you or your family visits a hospital, your personal payment (co-payment) is 30% of the treatment cost (although this varies by age).

High Medical Treatment Costs

If your expense (co-payment) exceeds the standard expected payment at medical institutions in a single month you can apply to have the amount exceed recovered under High Medical Treatment Costs.

Types of Medical Facilities

There are doctors’ offices, practices, and clinics and general hospitals.

  • Doctors’ offices, practices & clinics: Limited to a small scale, limited diagnoses specialty. Go to a place like this for a cold or slight injury. Also able to discuss health worries you have.
  • General Hospitals: Have multiple specialties, diagnosing equipment, and admitting facilities. Go here when the injury is big, you need surgery, or admittance to a hospital bed.

Multilingual medical interview system M-Cube

Before going to the hospital, you can easily search multi-language interview form in the Internet. There is a Web version and a mobile application version (Android, iOs).

Multilingual madical interview system M-Cube

* Web version Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, easy Japanese

* Mobile version Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, easy Japanese

Multi-Lingual Medical Questionnaire

You can download other departments questionnaire from different language.

Multi-Lingual Medical Questionnaire