Q: I would like to know about working in America.

Please call the American Embassy directly for any inquiries (TEL: 03-3224-5000).

Q: Can a family member coming from his/her home country apply for an extension to a Visiting Relative Visa?

A Visiting Relative Visa is for a maximum of three (3) months. Please inquire about the extension procedures at the Matsue Immigration Office (134-10 Mukojima-cho, Matsue-shi, TEL: 0852-21-3834).

The granting of permission is dependent on the judgment of the case by the Immigration Bureau.

Q: I am currently studying in Japan. Please tell me the procedures for bringing my spouse to Japan.

You can apply for a Family Visiting Visa.

Documents required for the spouse:

  1. 2 ID photos of your spouse (4cm×3cm)
  2. A marriage certificate
  3. A notarized marriage certificate
  4. A translation of the notarized marriage certificate
  5. An official copy of the family register from China (where applicable)
  6. If they already have one, a copy of their passport

Documents required for the foreign student:

  1. Proof of Residency Status
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Certificate
  4. A form that can prove your economic ability to support the spouse (For example, a Certificate of Scholarship or Bank Transfer Certificate)

(This answer is from Hiroshima Immigration Bureau’s Information Center.)

Q: I want to bring my son/daughter, who is a high school student, from my country to Japan. Can he enter a Japanese high school? Also I want to know how much it costs and what kind of procedures are involved.

Regarding brining your child to Japan, you can contact the Matsue Branch of the Hiroshima Immigration Bureau on the 4F of the Matsue Region Joint Government Building, Mukoujima-cho Matsue, 134-10, or by calling 0852-21-3834. The Hiroshima Immigration Bureau can be found on the 11F Hiroshima Joint Government Building, 2 Gokan, Ue Hacchobori Naka-ku Hiroshima, 6-30, or by calling 082-221-4412.

As for high school admissions or fees, contact the information window of the Prefecture Senior High School Education Section (1 Tonomachi, Matsue-shi, TEL: 0852-22-5410). Please contact the various groups directly with inquiries.

The SIC (TEL:0852-31-5056) provides a Community Interpreter Volunteer Service. Please contact us if you require an interpreter.

Q: I came to Japan to study the Japanese language. Can I work here in Japan?

Your residency status does not allow you to work full-time because you came to Japan to study the Japanese language. It is possible, however, to undertake a part-time job to assist with your expenses. However, you have to apply for a “Certificate to Engage in Activities Outside the Scope Permitted”.

There is an Information Center in Hiroshima. Please contact them directly for further details.
(Foreign Resident General Information Center, TEL: 082-502-6060.)