Q: Are you able to employ a foreigner who is the spouse of a Japanese person?

It depends on the residency status of the person. If the person’s status is a ‘permanent resident’, such as a Spouse of a Japanese National, a permanent resident, or the spouse of a permanent resident, then working is permitted. Please confirm the residency status as listed on the resident card “(shuro seigen nashi) no restrictions on work” .

For details, please ask the Immigration Information Center (TEL: 082-502-6060 Consultation in Japanese, Chinese and English. Weekdays between 9:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00).

Q: I work in Japan, but I have not received my wages. What is the law concerning the payment of salary in Japan? If a company goes bankrupt, what happens?

In the Japanese Labor Standards Act, an employer has a duty to pay the total amount due directly to an employee, at least once a month. It becomes an offence if it is not paid. You should report non-payment to the labor standards supervision station that has jurisdiction over the location of your workplace as soon as possible, and ask for administrative advice based on the authority of the official of the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

Contact information:
Labor Standards Inspection Office in Shimane:

  • Matsue: 0852-31-1166
  • Izumo: 0853-21-1240
  • Hamada: 0855-22-1840
  • Masuda: 0856-22-2351

The Osaka Labor Bureau (06-6949-6490) provides consultation in English (Monday, Wednesday), Portuguese (Wednesday, Thurseday), and Chinese (Wednesday).

As for non-payment of salary due to the bankruptcy of the company, a worker may be able to secure a portion of the unpaid wages under the ‘System for return of payment of unpaid salary’ by Japan Labor Health and Welfare Organization.