* If you want to study in the classroom, see the page below.
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SIC Japanese Language Visit Course (Regional Visit Type)

This is a program for foreign residents who wants to study Japanese language but cannot study.

  • Busy at work
  • The child is small and cannot go out for a long time
  • Japonese class is far and no car for transportation, etc.

Those who want to study

① Please apply at SIC.
Applications are accepted three times a year.
The schedule from April 2020 will be announced on this page.
When you apply, tell us when and where you want to study.
② SIC will match you with the Japanese volunteers and study will begin.

Course contents

  • This program is for those who have never studied Japanese language.
  • The level of this course is for beginners.
  • Practice conversations necessary for daily life.
  • Study 10 times, 90 minutes.
  • Will study at a public facility near you or your house. (Public facilities: public halls, community centers, etc.)
  • We will use the original teaching material “Ishouni nihongo Shimane Ken”. Themes are “self-introduction,” “family,” “shopping,” and “hospital.”
  • Free.
  • We will accept up to 30 people in one course.