SIC has a rental services of National flags, Desk flag, Traditional costumes and Map when having a international event party, host an international exchange event and so on.

Rental procedure

If you want to rent an item, call or visit SIC and fill out the application form. (Fax is also available)

The requested item will be dispatched from SIC. If the requested item has to be send by delivery service the borrower must pay the delivery service fee, same as when returning the borrowed item.

Click here for the application form for borrowing national flags, etc.

Rental Fee

  • A National Flag (90×135cm Full-Size): 517 yen (tax included)
  • Desktop Flag: (12×18cm) 308 yen (tax included)
  • Traditional Costume: Free (for display purposes only)
  • Map: (90×63cm) Free (laminated)

* Payment:  After SIC send the invoice, please pay by cash or transfer money to SIC account within a month.

* Discount: SIC members, supporters and volunteers are entitled to a 50% rental discount  (depends on SIC).

Rental Period

Please return the item within a week and call us when the borrowed item cannot be return as soon as possible.


  • Please contact SIC as soon as possible if the item stained, ripped or lost. The   borrower will be required to pay the cost of damage depends on the damage to the item.
  • Traditional costumes are for display only.
  • Please do not use the national flags outside specially in bad weather (rainy seasons etc.).
  • Do not fold the desktop flag and map.