We introduce the opportunity through volunteer activities, to spread the circle of international exchange, to enhance mutual understanding, to have the international exchange volunteer registration system, and recruite volunteers anytime. Why not find a new world and a new you in International Exchange volunteer activities.

Types of Volunteer

Language volunteer

Those who can interpret or translate a foreign language.
(Example) Interpretation of international exchange program, translation of  simple data such as documents.

Accept Home stay/ Home visit volunteer

Those who can accept a home visit and homestay of foreigners.
(Home Visit refers to a visit of that day without accommodation.)

Japanese language volunteer

Those who can teach Japanese language to Foreigners.

Introducing multicultural Volunteer

Those who can introduce worlds various life and culture. Includes also Japanese culture.

(Example) Dispatch to the international understanding of learning the prefectures Elementary and Junior high school, and introducing the Japanese culture to foreigners.

Registration method

We have finished accepting new applications.