Resident Card

As of July 9th, 2012, the Residency Management System has changed and the Alien Registration system was abolished. Foreign Residents residing in Japan for an extended period were issued with Resident Cards.

Deemed Re-Entry Permission

For persons returning to Japan after an absence of less than one year, no re-entry permit is required. When departing, please check the ‘Deemed Re-Entry Permission’ box on the Foreign Immigration Record.

Residency Procedures

Changes other than changes of address, permission for changing the period of residency and resident status, are to be completed at the Regional Immigration Bureaus.

  • Hiroshima Immigration Office (TEL: 082-221-4411) Map
  • Matsue Branch of the Hiroshima Immigration Office (TEL: 0852-21-3834) Map

The Consultation Support Center For Foreign Residents-(TEL: 0570-013904) offers multi-lingual support for enquiries regarding immigration and residency procedures.

Nationality Changes (Naturalization)

In order to become a naturalized Japanese citizen, one must complete the application for permission for naturalization at their regional Legal Affairs Bureau.