Emergency Services

If you cannot explain in Japanese, ask for help from a nearby person who can.

  • Fire/Ambulance 119
  • Accidents (Police) 110
  • Sea-related Accidents 118

Disaster Message Dial “171”

This is a service usable after a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, has occurred when many phone calls are made to the affected areas to find out if loved-ones are safe. The beginning of the service, and how to use it, will be advertised on television, radio, and on NTT’s homepage in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Message Board & Voice Delivery Service

In the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake, this service becomes useable on mobile phones and PHS. The service is supported by the cell phone companies individually.

Preparing for Disaster

Prepare items for a disaster to take with you, such as a torch, radio, emergency food and water, required medicines.

Evacuation points are decided by where you live, so please confirm where it is in advance.

If you lose your passport…

Please have a nearby police station issue you with a “Proof of Lost Property Report”. After that, please conduct procedures to have a replacement issued at your Embassy or Consulate in Japan.