The training institute can be use as a Japanese language training, international exchange activities, and also for lodging.
Training facilities are also available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

About the Japanese language training

Create a Japanese language training program that meets the needs of foreign accepting organizations.

About the capacity of the facility

Training facilities

• First training room/ Dining, kitchen room: 16 people
• Second training room: 8 people
• Third training room: 8 people

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection, the following conditions apply when using the training room. (Updated on July 1, 2021)

  • Thorough measures against infectious diseases such as “wearing a mask”, “hand hygiene such as washing hands”, “Avoiding crowding and close contact”, “sufficient ventilation”, “temperature measurement”, and “do not make a loud voice”.
  • People with fever or other illness not allowed to use the facility.
  • Applicants should create a list of all users’ names and contact information and keep it for one month.
  • If an infected person occurs in the user, cooperate with the investigation conducted by the health center.


• a bunk [double‐deck] bed room: 14 rooms (28 persons)
• Single bed room: 1 room (1 person)

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the accommodation facility will be used by one person per room for the mean time.

About the fee for use (tax included)

Japanese language training fee

  • 1 class in a day, 23,100 yen (6 persons)
  • 1 class, for more than 7 persons, upon the fee written above (23,100 yen) will charge an additional 3,300 yen each person.

Accommodation fee

  • 1 room for the use of 1 person, 3,410 yen for 1 night
  • 1 room for the use of 2 person, 2,860 yen for 1 night

Training room fee

  • Training room with dining, kitchen room, 5,500 yen for 4 hours or half day
  • The first, second and third training room, 3,300 yen for 4 hours or half day

※ When used in multicultural symbiosis, international exchange, and cooperation activities conducted by private organizations, training fees and usage fees can be reduced. Please contact SIC for more information.