Let’s make our own map to use in times of a disaster with our family and friends using the map stickers!

※For inquiries about “HATTESHIRU”  please contact Shimane International Center.

Download the PDF data or you can also make your own, by using the label printing paper.

“HATTESHIRU” (english)

How to Use the Disaster Prevention Map Stickers

Step 1

Obtain the disaster prevention map.

Method 1:

Obtain the map from your local city/town hall.

Method 2:

Download from the link at the bottom of this page municipal disaster prevention map List”.

  • You can also use a map found online, or the Tourism map.

 Step 2

 Make your own disaster prevention map using the stickers.

  • Confirm the information and stick the icon stickers on the places on the map that will be useful in times of a disaster.
 High waves, tsunami, flooding, landslides, etc.

pinPlace where needed.

  • Write important information on the explanation stickers and place them on the map.

Step 3

Be prepared to use the map that you created for a disaster.

Practical application examples:

Confirm how to get to the evacuation center.

Place the stickers at locations that are easy to see.

Place the map in your emergency bag for quick access.