Q: Is an english translation of the recipe for baby food available?

Please refer our homepage on “Multiligual child care information“.

Q: I am a foreign resident who will have a baby in Japan, please show me where I could study Japanese language for child care after delivery?

We will introduce the activities and the address of a Japanese Language Volunteer Group in your area.

There is also a Japanese Class MAP which summarizes the information about Japanese classes within the prefecture. You can find it on the homepage of the SIC (Japanese Classes in Shimane Prefecture). Please contact the schools listed in the Japanese Classes in Shimane Prefecture list directly.

If you need an interpreter pre- or post-delivery, it is possible to dispatch a community interpreter upon request. Please contact us on 0852-31-5056.

Q: We've decided to send my child to an overseas nursery school, we would like you to translate the brochure for us as it is in a foreign language?

SIC will introduce to you a language study volunteer.