How was the interpretation this time?
If you requested an interpreter, please complete a final report regarding the interpretation. Based on your report, we will check the interpreter’s volunteer hours; therefore, you must submit a report.
If you do not submit a report, you may be denied requests for an interpreter in the future.
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    In case that the person completing this report is not the client who received interpretation (e.g. a spouse, concerned party, etc.) please fill in your name instead.

    Please enter the reception number found in the email that was sent to you titled "Community Volunteer Interpreter Request Confirmation"

    Please enter the times that you confirmed with the volunteer interpreter.
    If you did not confirm the time together, then please enter the time that you left the volunteer interpreter.

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    Interpreter Evaluation*

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    After sending, we will send you an email titled “Community Volunteer Interpreter Final Report Receipt” to the email address that you entered.
    If you have email restrictions such as a spam filter, please make sure that you can receive email from