Volunteer community interpreters will be dispatched from November 1st as follows.

We will resume dispatching in the “health and welfare” field.

Depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it may be suspended again.

Fields to resume dispatch

Health and welfare (home visits, health examinations, etc. (excluding hospitals))
Education (interviews at school, etc.)
Administrative procedures (procedures for license centers and city halls, etc.)

Request method

  1. Please request from the Community Interpreter Volunteer page.
  2. SIC will send a confirmation slip to the client to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We have questions about your physical condition and about going outside the prefecture. please answer.
  3. When SIC receives the confirmation slip, we will decide if can dispatched. If its okay to dispatch, we will arrange an interpreter. If we cannot dispatched, we will guide you to a telephone interpreter.
  4. On the day when the interpreter can be dispatch, we will check your physical condition again. If we cannot contact you, we will not dispatch an interpreter.
  5. Please send a completion report when the interpretation is over.

Precautions when dispatching

  • If you do not submit a confirmation slip to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, or if we cannot contact you on the day of interpretation, we will not dispatch an interpreter volunteer.
  • If the client, the person living with the client, or the person attending the interpreter has a cold symptom such as fever, strong fatigue (malaise), dyspnea (dyspnea), or cough, we cannot dispatch an interpreter volunteer. We will guide you to telephone interpreter.
  • If you went outside the prefecture or plan to go outside the prefecture within 14 days of the interpreter’s day, or if you meet people outside the prefecture within 14 days, or if you plan to meet people outside the prefecture, depending on the spread of the infection in Japan may not be dispatched.

Fields where dispatching will continue to be suspended

  • Medical care (hospital examination, etc.)

Still suspended. We will inform you on this homepage when it will resume.

Fields to determine to dispatch, depending on the content

  • Consultation
  • Residents Association / Neighborhood Association

Please contact us.