We will hold disaster prevention drills for foreign residents so that they can act calmly in the event of a disaster.

What would you do if a large disaster occurred in your town? Let’s learn about important disaster prevention together.



9:45 am- Registration

10:00 am- Opening

10:05 am- Learn about disasters and evacuation methods

10:20 am- Experience

    • Experience an earthquake in a seismic vehicle (a vehicle where you can experience the tremors of an earthquake)
    • Practice using AED

11:40 am- Interact with volunteers and hear about the evacuation center

    • Can see cardboard beds and portable toilets in evacuation areas.
    • eat emergency food

1:00 pm- Finish

Who can participate

About 20 foreigners living in Yasugi City

*You can participate with your child.

Events may be canceled due to heavy snow, etc.

How to apply

Please submit the Shimane Electronic Application Service (Yasugi City) application form (https://apply.e-tumo.jp/city-yasugi-shimane-u/offer/offerList_detail?tempSeq=17078) by January 18th (Thursday), enter numbers 1-7 and send.

  1. Name
  2. Name in katakana / Hiragana
  3. Country / Region
  4. Telephone number
  5. E-mail address
  6. Language (Japanese / ________language)
  7. Do you need interpreter (Yes / No)

Deadline of registration

UJanuary 18 (Thursday)

*If we have a large number of people, we will close early.


Shimane Prefecture / Yasugi city / Shimane International Center

Schedule & Time January 28, 2024 10:00 am ~ 1:00 pm
PlaceYasugi city hall Disaster prevention Training building
Yasugi city hall Disaster prevention Training building

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