This is an announcement from the National Sanbe Youth Exchange House.

We will hold an event where parents and children can experience Japanese traditional culture (calligraphy, kagura, etc.) for parents and children with foreign roots living in Oda City and its neighboring municipalities who are interested in Japanese traditional culture.

Detailed URL: sanbe! friend-camp/ (Japanese only)

Event date

August 6th (Saturday) – August 7th (Sunday), 2022 * 1 night 2 days


National Sanbe Youth Exchange House

(1638-12 Yamaguchi-Cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture)


Parents and children from foreign countries (foreign nationalities, etc.) living in cities, towns, and villages near Oda City who are interested in Japanese traditional culture.


About 30 people in 10 families (lottery will be held when there are many applicants)

Entry fee

500 yen/person

What to bring

Clothes suitable for activities (long sleeves, long pants, hats, towels, etc.), water cylinders, change of clothes, sleeping clothes, writing tools, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.), health insurance card, mask, thermometer, etc.

How to apply

Please fill out and send the form below from the WEB, or fill out the application form on the back of the leaflet and send it by mail or fax.

Flyer・application form

Application / contact information

National Sanbe Youth Exchange House

“Sanbe de Experience FRIEND CAMP!”

1638-12 Yamaguchi-cho, Oda-shi, Shimane 694-0002

TEL: 0854-86-0319

FAX: 0854-86-0458