This is a notice from the Animal Quarantine Station.

Meat such as beef, pork, and chicken and food such as sausage cannot be brought into Japan from abroad.

You cannot bring it to Japan by mail. It is a Japanese rule.

If you bring it to Japan, you may be arrested by the police. In March 2022, police arrested a person who tried to import meat, etc. in an international parcel.

Please follow the Japanese rules.

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【Caution!】Do NOT send livestock products from overseas to Japan!

Several suspects were arrested for attempting illegal import of livestock products using international parcels.

This is the first case in Japan that an arrest was made on suspicion of bringing in livestock products by international parcels.

To prevent the incursion of domestic animal infectious, such as African swine fever (ASF), it is prohibited by law to send livestock products such as sausages, jerky, dumplings, steamed buns, meatballs for hot pot, etc. from overseas to Japan by not only passenger baggage but also international parcels.

If you illegally import livestock products into Japan, you would be levied with a fine of up to three million JPY (50 million JPY for the corporate body) or face imprisonment of up to three years.

Please note that this provision applies also to illegal livestock products imported through passenger luggage or international parcels.

For more details, please visit the Animal Quarantine Service Web site.新しいウィンドウで外部サイトを開きます。

If by chance you receive any livestock products from overseas, do NOT open the package, and make sure to contact your local Animal Quarantine Service.

List of locations of Animal Quarantine Service新しいウィンドウで外部サイトを開きます。