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1 About the 1 About the minimum wage

  • The minimum wage standard is stipulated by the Minimum Wage Law.
  • The minimum wage paid by an employer to a worker is the minimum wage.
  • Therefore, the employer must pay the worker more than the minimum wage.
  • Even if a wage lower than the minimum wage is set based on a labor-management agreement, it is invalid by law and is considered to have the same amount as the minimum wage.
  • The minimum wage is determined for each prefecture based on the investigation and deliberation of the Minimum Wage Council.

2 Types of minimum wage

  • The minimum wage applies to the “regional minimum wage” that applies to all workers and employers in each prefecture, and to the core workers and employers who engage in certain businesses and occupations in each prefecture. There are two types: “Specific (industry-specific) minimum wage”.
  • You must pay at least the higher minimum wage (specific (industry-specific) minimum wage)  When “Minimum wage by region” and “Specific (by industry) minimum wage” are applied at the same time.
  • However, the dispatched workers, the minimum wage applicable to the place of business to which they are dispatched will be applied.

〇 For inquiries regarding the minimum wage, please contact the Shimane Labor Bureau Wage Office or the nearest Labor Standards Inspection Office.