This is a notice from the Animal Quarantine Station for foreigners living in Japan.

Please be aware that since Japan is surrounded by the sea, any animal (livestock) diseases that are prevalent overseas are severely punished.

Most meat products, including beef, pork and chicken, and processed products such as ham, sausage and bacon are prohibited.

Since July of this year, the penalties for illegally bringing in meat products have been raised and become even stricter.

When inspecting airports, ports and mail in Japan, we are also using quarantine detection dogs to strengthen inspections so that meat products are not brought in illegally.

Please be aware not to bring any meat products as souvenirs when you return to your home country. If your family or friends come to Japan, please tell them not to bring these meat products. Also, when you ask to send a package mail from your home country, please tell them not to include meat products.

We would like to ask for your cooperation in protecting Japanese animals (livestock) from overseas diseases.

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