Toyohashi City and Shizuoka City announced that those who came to Japan from the Philippines and lived in Shizuoka City were infected with the rabies virus in the Philippines and discovered the disease in Japan. Please see the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare press release page for details of the press release.

Rabies usually does not spread human-to-human and does not spread from infected patients.

To those who are traveling to rabies endemic areas

Please note the following to avoid getting rabies during your travels!

  • Don’t touch animals unintentionally during your stay
  • If you are bitten by a dog during your stay,

(1) Immediately wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water
(2) Visit a local medical institution and get vaccination for wounds and rabies
(3) Let’s apply to the quarantine station (health counseling room) when returning to Japan

(From Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website “Q & A on Rabies”)

For health consultations or questions about rabies, please contact the nearest public health center or quarantine station.

Health centers in Shimane Prefecture

  • Matsue Public Health Center (1741-3 Higashitsuda-cho, Matsue-shi, phone number: 0852-23-1313)
  • Unnan Public Health Center (531-1 Satogata, Kisuki-cho, Unnan-shi, phone number: 0854-42-9623)
  • Izumo Public Health Center (223-1, Enya-cho, Izumo-shi, phone number: 0853-21-1190)
  • Prefectural Public Health Center (7-1, Nagahisa, Nagahisa-cho, Oda-shi, phone number 0854-84-9800)
  • Hamada Public Health Center (254, Kataniwa-cho, Hamada-shi, phone number: 0855-29-5537)
  • Masuda Public Health Center (13-1, Showa-cho, Masuda-shi, phone number: 0856-31-9535)
  • Oki Public Health Center (24 Shioguchi, Minato-machi, Oki-no-shima, Oki-gun, phone number: 08512-2-9701)

Quarantine stations nationwide

You can search on the quarantine station website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.