Regarding the handling of applications for residence due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the following information was posted on the Ministry of Justice website on April 23, 2010.

〇 Regarding the extension of the period for acceptance of notifications and applications for residence cards in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19

You can submit a notification / application from the last day to 3 months later if the last day of the statutory notification / application period for the residence card (including the expiration date of the residence card) is in March, April, May or June.

<Target notification / application>

・ Change notification of the residence card such as surname or name
・ Application for renewal of validity period of residence card
・ Application for reissuance due to loss of residence card

〇 Regarding the extension of acceptance period of special permanent residence application to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

For those who was born in Japan as a child of a special permanent resident, those who continue to stay in Japan and those who have passed 60 days after birth in March, April, May or June, we accept applications for special permanent residence in the municipalities from the 61st day of birth to 3 months later.

〇 Expansion of applicable range of residence application online system

Regarding the Status of residence “Research”, “Technology / Humanities / International work”, “In-company transfer” as well as “Skill”, those who belong to each category 3 institution are eligible for online application.

For more details, please see the Ministry of Justice website.