Shimane International Center and Shimane Prefecture JICA Desk will hold a “Illustration that images the world picture coloring contest”. With the help of illustrator Chikae Takahashi, we have prepared six illustrations that images the world. It’s a difficult time to go out, why don’t you enjoy relaxing coloring pictures at home? We have award prizes for those who have a wonderful works. We look forward to the participation of many people, from children to adults!




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Illustration cooperation

Chikae Takahashi
Born in Yasugi City. She is active as an illustrator, holding solo exhibitions and book illustrations.
Also, as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, she has been dispatched to Africa and Niger for a short period of time to teach volleyball.
Since she started working at the Sri Lankan curry shop “Indoa” in Matsue, she regularly visit Sri Lanka to learn cooking and teach volleyball, which is the national sport of Sri Lanka.