From June 2019, we will establish a “ONE STOP” type of consultation desk in Shimane International Center to respond to various information and consultation regarding to the daily lives of foreign residents.
Consultation is free. We will keep your secret.  Please use all means.


Procedures for residence, employment, medical care, welfare, childbirth, child care, education of children, other things about daily life.

How to Use

1. Call the number, dial then say, “Ei go onegaishimasu” (English please or I want to have a conversation in English)
2. Please wait for a while to change to the interpreter.
3. Speak with the interpreter.
4. You can also consult professional institution directly via an interpreter.
* You can also visit to consult.

Consultation Dial: 070-3774-9329 (Please pay for the call)

Who can use the service

Foreign residents

Supported languages (12 languages)

English, Chinese (Beijing), Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Myanmar, Khmer

Response time

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Except national holidays and December 29-January 3)