This is an announcement from the IZUMO Multicultural Meshi Festa Executive Committee.

Foreigners from 37 countries and regions live in Izumo City, and the ratio of foreigners is high compared to other cities nationwide.

In order to make Izumo City a better place to live, we believe it is necessary to deepen our understanding of diversity.

We planned the IZUMO Multicultural Meshi Festa with the hope that Japanese and foreigners would be interested in each other’s cultures by interacting with each other through food.
At the IZUMO Multicultural Meshi Festa, vendors will create and sell new “multicultural meals” that combine ingredients and seasonings from multiple countries in a food festival format.

★What is Multicultural Meshi?

It is a general term for mixed culture cuisine that combines the food cultures of two or more countries or regions created with the basic spirit of understanding and respecting the food cultures of countries and regions different from one’s own and developing each other’s food cultures.

Tabunka-meshi festa (English)


3:30pm: Opening

4:00pm: IZUMO Multicultural food festival

Dandan Hoshisora concert (4:00pm-7:20pm)

7:30pm: Ending ceremony

8:00pm: IZUMO Multicultural food grandprix

Kids corner

  • Experience Moruk (Moruk taiken)
  • Throwing a ring (Wa nage)
  • Super ball (Suupaa boru)
  • Water balloon scoop (Mizu fuzen sukui)
Schedule & Time August 26, 2023 3:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm
PlaceIzumo City Hall South side Izumo Dandan Square
Contact informationOrganizer: IZUMO Multicultural Meshi Festa Executive Committee 
Secretariat: Junior Chamber International Izumo
1-44 Enya Ariharacho, Izumo City 〒693-0023
(For details and unclear points, please contact "Izumo Multicultural Meshi Festa Executive Committee Steering Committee Chairman Yuya Ikebuchi")
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Izumo City Hall South side Izumo Dandan Square

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