Regardless of nationality, culture, language, etc. We will hold a multicultural event for activities and exchanges with local people “Let’s interact with foreigners and Japanese living in Yoshika Town together! Kagura & Sports Exchange Meeting”.

We are looking forward to the participation of those who live in Yoshika Town!

Flyer (japanese only)

Date and time

March 20, 2022 (Sunday) 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

People who can participate

Those who live in Yoshika Town can participate


About 100 people


1:10 pm: Reception

1:30 pm: Opening

1:40 pm: Let’s enjoy Iwami Kagura (in Shiratani Kagura)

2:45 pm: Let’s interact with the ladder getter (Ladder getter is a sport that anyone can easily enjoy)

3:50 pm: Closing

4:00 pm: Finish

How to apply

Please give (1) or (2) the one that is convenient for you: 1. Name, 2. Address, 3. Contact information.

(1) Yoshika Town Tax Residents Division

How to apply: Bring, fax, e-mail

Address: 750 Muikaichi, Yoshika-cho

FAX: 0856-77-1891


(2) Shimane International Center

How to apply: Phone, email

Address: 369-1 Higashitsuda-cho, Matsue City

Phone: 0852-31-5056



March 11th (Friday)

* Registration will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

For your information

  • Due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the content may be changed or canceled.
  • Please cooperate in measuring the temperature, wearing a mask, and disinfecting your fingers.
  • If you have a fever or cold symptoms, take a rest.
  • Please bring your gym shoes.
  • Ventilate. Please wear clothes that can keep you warm.


  • Shimane Prefecture
  • Yoshika Town
  • Shimane International Center
Schedule & Time March 20, 2022 1:30 pm ~ 4:00 pm
PlaceYoshika Town Muikaichi Gymnasium (648, Yoshika Town Muikaichi)
Contact informationShimane International Center
Phone: 0852-31-5056
Yoshika Town Muikaichi Gymnasium (648, Yoshika Town Muikaichi)

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