We will hold disaster drills so that foreign residents can act calmly in the event of disaster.
What would you do if a major disaster occurred in your town? Let’s study important disaster prevention together.

Diaster drill  Flyer


9:45 Reception
10:00 start
10:10 Learn about disaster prevention
・ Experience the shaking of an earthquake!
12:00 Emergency food exchange meeting (let’s eat the sample emergency food together)
13:00 end


About 30 foreign residents who want to learn about disaster prevention

* No daycare (Nursery). You can participate with your child.

How to apply

Write ① ~ ⑨ and send it to Shimane International Center by e-mail or fax.
① Name (Kanji, Hiragana, Alphabet)
② Country / region of origin
③ Gender
④ Address
⑤ Telephone number
⑥ Email address
⑦ Spoken words (Japanese, _______language)
⑧ Need interpreter / Don’t need an interpreter
⑨ If you need an interpreter, in what language do you want an interpreter (English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, ______language)

Application deadline

November 28


Shimane Prefecture, Shimane International Center, Yasugi City


Schedule & Time December 8, 2019 10:00 am ~ 1:00 pm
PlaceYasugi city hall Disaster prevention training building (Yasugi city Yasugi-cho 878-2)
Contact informationShimane International Center (Yokota)
Phone: 0852-31-5056
FAX: 0852-31-5055
Email: admin@sic-info.org
Yasugi city hall Disaster prevention training building (Yasugi city Yasugi-cho 878-2)

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