The Matsue Youth Chamber will open a Vietnamese lantern creation and Vietnamese food stalls as a Suitoro related project.

The number of Vietnamese people in Matsue is increasing, we will hold events to deepen their understanding of Vietnam.

Let’s make and float a lantern used in a lantern festival in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Please come, if you are coming to Suitoro, interested in Vietnam, or you like Vietnam. (Some programs require application in advance.)

Please see the flyer for details such as time schedule and application method.

Flyer / Application form

Schedule & Time October 20, 2019 3:00 pm ~ 4:30 pm
PlaceMatsue Castle
Contact informationMatsue Youth Chamber Secretariat
55-4 Horo-cho, Matsue 〒690-0886
TEL: 0852-21-9917 FAX: 0852-26-3119
* For inquiries by phone, Monday to Friday 9: 00-16: 00